what is an escape room?

  • An interactive game where you and a group are locked in a room (often themed) with 60 minutes to escape. In order to do this, you must solve a series of challenges which will ultimately lead to the key and your freedom. 

​Why experience an escape room?

  • It is unique, challenging, and fun! Escape rooms can be enjoyed by friends, family, and coworkers. In fact, according to statistics, even the grumpiest of scrooges have been reported to experience elevated levels of entertainment.

is there an age restriction?

  • While there is no specific age restriction, the minimum recommended age of team members is 13. Younger children can also play with their parents, but may not be able to contribute much to the challenge due to the complexity of the games. Children under 18 must have a signed consent form completed by a parent or guardian.  College students, young adults, and even their grandparents are enjoying this experience all over the world!
  • Participants under the age of 18 can access the waiver here (on a computer), print it, get it signed by a legal guardian, and bring it along.
  • Children under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Will i really be locked in?

  • To really enjoy the immersive feeling of the escape room, we like to say that the door is "locked." However, the fire marshal frowns on locking people indoors so the door is never REALLY locked. We ask that you use the restroom beforehand so that you won't be THAT person that asks in the middle of the excitement.

Is it scary?

  • That depends on your definition of scary... If you find trying new experiences that are unique and enjoyable to be scary, then YES, it is terrifying! But seriously, it is not scary. There is nothing to fear or worry about!

how long does it take?

  • Allow 90 minutes for the total experience from beginning to end. Fifteen minutes before your scheduled start time is dedicated to instruction, signing waivers, and explaining the rules. An additional 15 minutes after is allotted for debriefing. It is VERY important that ALL participants arrive 15 minutes BEFORE the scheduled start time. (Even if you are unsuccessful at your attempt at escape, the game will end once 60 minutes expires). Due to the nature of the game and the bookings that may follow yours, it is important for the game to begin on time. Once the door is locked, you will not be able to enter nor receive a refund if you are late!

​Will i be playing with strangers?

  • Unless you book all 10 spots for the room, you may be joining others for the challenge. But don't worry, that "stranger" in the room may just become your friend AND means of escape!​

how much does it cost?

  • While similar games in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles run an average of $30 and up, here at ESCAPE Modesto, we bring you the same great experience for only $25 per person!

Are tickets sold at the door?

  • Great question! No, tickets can only be purchased through the website by visiting the "BOOK NOW" page. This allows us to plan for how many guests, or victims we will have ahead of time! 

can i use my cell phone?

  • While we are positive you wouldn't attempt to "Google" something or ask "Siri" for help, we do NOT allow the use of cell phones/cameras in the rooms. 

Can i pre-drink before coming?

  • This question surprisingly comes up a lot... While it may seem like something you'd enjoy more while intoxicated, we do not allow people to participate if they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will be turned away without refund if you show up in such a state. It presents safety concerns, and to be honest, you really wouldn't enjoy it when you're trying to have a clear state of mind for solving puzzles. We DO highly recommend visiting one of the many local restaurants nearby afterwards to discuss your experience!

I loved your escape rooms, what now?

  • In order to keep the rooms relevant and challenging, we will periodically change the clues and revamp the entire rooms. "Like" our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to be kept up to date with the newest changes.

Do you have gift certificates available?

  • Here are the links to Purchase and Redeem Gift Certificates which make for an excellent present to friends and family!